Hip Hop USA Story

“Draw on a wall you might go to jail. Draw on a sneaker and you could win a sneaker deal with Hip Hop USA”

In 2005, we began offering talented artists in urban American communities the opportunity to express their special graffiti art and illustrative talents by tagging famous name blank white sneakers in their own creative style through Global Artists Coalition. The national competition provided an opportunity for young emerging urban artists to express their natural abilities, build self-confidence and feature their work on an accepted medium for graffiti demonstration.

As of today, 8 artists have been selected to have their work featured on a famous sneaker brand and distributed in Footlocker stores across the United States. This program has allowed these emerging artists to jumpstarts career pursuits in the related occupations of art direction, illustration, product marketing and design.

The Graffiti Art Battles and workshops offer emerging artists the opportunity to show off their graffiti art and illustrative skills. Graffiti art has a rich history that emerged in New York City, along with Hip Hop Culture, during the economic downturn in the 1970s. In 1979, the music was popularized in the United States through the breakthrough single Rapper’s Delight. Today, Hip Hop music, culture and art is recognized around the world as as a new American artistic achievement.

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