PageLines- Ton.pngThis TON piece was done in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay in 1978, along with his friend Joey TPA. He came up with the name Ton in junior high school, hitting the E,F,N,GG,RR,LL,A,D,CC, with his friend Vinnie because the subway lines were close to Ton’s house in Ozone Park, Queens. Ton would also travel to Brooklyn New Lots Avenue yards to hit the 2 and 3 subway lines and to the Bronx to the 1 lines. Along with Joey TPA, Ton was an original member of TPA crew, one of the longest running crews in New York city graffiti history. He was also down with TC, PAL, PIC, CITY,FAL,N.C.B, MAFIA, J.H.F., T.B.C. and more.