JesterThe graffiti writer known as JESTER aka DY 167 is originally from Harlem, New York. JESTER started writing in the early 1970s during the tagging era and continued writing through successive generations of writers. It was a cold day in 1977 when Jester ventured out on his own to the New Lots Avenue train yard in Brooklyn to create this 2 train piece. And it was while hanging with Cliff 159 that he received the inspiration for the name “jester”. “I loved what I saw in the J and the R in JR 161’s name. So I just took those two letters and made up the name JESTER. Then one day I saw JR 161 and his crew go berserk with aerosol in the train car I happened to be riding and from there was no turning back!” JESTER was the name he used mainly for piecing and tagging. DY 167 and DYE were names he used primarily for throw-ups. Jester reached his apex in the mid 1970s and left for good in 1977, ending an era.