AzBorn and raised in the Bronx, AZ-1 first started tagging the insides of #2 trains when he reached junior High School in 1974. Graffiti writers like Mad Hat-1, Godson-1, Rich Rican-181, Riff Raff-1, Gumpy-1, Super Slick-181, Mikel-182, all made big impression in his early years. AZ-1 was also was inspired by graffiti train masters including Blade-1, Ajaz-1, Silver Tips, Comet-1, Shake-1, DOC Magic, TE-Kool, Billy –167, Cost-170 aka Palo.

In late 1977, he came up with the name ‘’AZ – 1” and started bombing esplanade tunnel on the IRT #5 line and stepped to the IRT # 6 line from 1979 – 1980.