Hip Hop USA collaborates with Hot97 and parent company Emmis Communications to create the new 2015 Summer Jam Limited Edition Collectibles Series.   http://www.hot97.com/summerjamcollection

Unveiled last night at Hot97, the official 2015 Summer Jam limited edition collection produced in partnership with Hip Hop USA isn’t all what you might expect.

Summer Jam hat and tee close up

Malik Work wearing official Hip Hop USA Hot97 Summer Jam limited edition tee

Malik Work wearing official Hip Hop USA Hot97 Summer Jam limited edition tee

The collaboration doesn’t only include men’s tees, hoodies, tanks and snapbacks, but also an entire line for the ladies as well. And as you might expect, it’s all produced in limited quantities for you and your favorite stars to be seen in this summer.

stacked-hoodie-wht-blk type-hoodie-wht-blk stacked-grn-wht



As for the Hip Hop USA curated denim art, and the collection of New York City graffiti and fine urban artists – the creations flowed from artifacts (like discarded taped decks, painted and glued into 3 dimensional jacket art by Peter Yip), elements of hip hop history like a classic hand-painted acrylic rendering of the legendary hip hop club, Harlem World Disco by Marivel Mejia and the hip hop sublime character art by Sam Jay.  A total of 10 denim pieces in the collections, including art by Byron McCray, Straightman AKA Lava I&II, Peter Yip, Marivel Mejia, Sam Jay and Israel Garcia.


peter yip jacket

Peter Yip 3D denim art features elements like discarded cassette tapes

Byron denim art xx

Byron McCray hand painted acrylic


izzy grenade denim

Izzy Inks grenade art

Marivel denim art xx

Marva Mejia, Harlem World Disco acrylic

Sam Jay denim art

Sam Jay denim art

jacket front xxx


Straightman retro flyer

Straightman retro flyer

Summer Jam has been around since 1994, but Hip Hop USA takes you back even further with Summer Jam tees inspired by the old school party flyers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, where flyer artists like the late Buddy Esquire, Straightman AKA Lava I&II (featured in the denim collection) and more where making party flyers out of stencils, pencils and press type.

izzy Ink retro flyer tee closeup  white retro flyer tee

If you’re already gearing up for the concert this Sunday at Met Life Stadium, Hot97 has now confirmed that the collection will be on sale on eventbrite.com and at the stadium.   The quantities are limited, while supplies last. So when you seem them rocking out on stage, you know you heard it here first.



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