Debuting the latest inspired creations by legendary New York City graffiti artists, street artists and fine urban artists, Hip Hop USA’s new Shanghai Showroom will be the hub for innovative fashion and lifestyle merchandise in the bustling market of Asia.   Located in the Shanghai Minhang District on Heng Road No. 1328, the Shanghai Showroom features Hip Hop USA brand merchandise for both men and women, including including footwear, urban apparel for active lifestyles, ladies intimate wear and more.

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The motivations and objectives that drives these artists and art creations are as varied as the artists themselves.  Hip Hop USA strives to have their work communicate the energy, lifestyle and attitude of New York City, the birthplace of Hip Hip music, art and culture,  through these exclusive and limited edition art creations on a variety of items and objects.

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The connection between Hip Hop and art culture extends back to the late 1960s and early 1970s with the rise of Subway train graffiti culture in New York City, during a time when the City was near bankrupt and the young inhabitants were left to fend for themselves to acquire the art and music education that public schools no longer provided them.


The graffiti crews created a language on to themselves that was closed to outsiders, but leaving their names and art “pieces” on display for the entire world to admire or hold in disrepute.  To this day, many who lived through New York’s formative years still consider graffiti and street art both a crime and an eyesore, while others consider it a form of art.  But no can dispute the power subway graffiti art and street art has had over popular culture including many of the brands that have embraced the style in their couture designs.

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Hip Hop USA celebrates all aspects of New York City’s art culture and now embarks on taking this continuously evolving art movement to a world eager to embrace it.

Please bear with us as we buildout the new Hip Hop USA Shanghai Showroom and the expanding list of original artwork on limited edition clothing, apparel and lifestyle merchandise.



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