Sneaker Trains volume 1, A Retrospective of 1970s and 80s NYC Subway Train Art
recreated on canvas (sneakers!) by the original artists.

Artists represented in the Sneaker Trains exhibition include: The late Stay High 149, the late Peanut 2, Jester, Slave, Ton, Sen One, Ale One, Az One, Duke 9, Enuf, Shadow, and many more. The exhibition illuminates unexpected facets of a familiar story — the extraordinary within the ordinary — through artwork on sneakers that compel these early graffiti writers to re-examine their historic work with fresh eyes and nimble hands. The artworks’ play goes against the traditional notion that art must be elevated beyond everyday life in both content and medium.

These works represent a record of the culture in which they were created on the medium of choice for once and future Hip Hop generations worldwide: Sneakers!

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